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In Angelina's mind that was exactly what she was doing.

Angelina then moaned as two fingers were pushed into her dripping pussy, Velvet beginning to pump them skilfully in and out of her as she buried her face in between her butt cheeks. Despite the loudmouth, confident Velvet the TNA audience and locker room saw Angelina knew that deep down Velvet was a submissive at heart.

Velvet had even just challenged her to make her her bitch, a challenge Angelina was only too happy to answer, although in her mind she didn't have to make Velvet her bitch. Lesbian hd porno. Velvet sky lesbian. Official Wolves Nation Member and leader of Blackout. You are now leaving RedTube. When they were apart Velvet used to dream of first Angelina returning to claim what was rightfully hers and then when they were feuding she would dream of Angelina breaking her by force and turning her into what it felt like she was always meant to be.

I thought I better make sure I was nice and ready for you back there. Again Velvet's begging ended with a cry which was a mixture of pain and pleasure as Angelina began slowly pulling out and then pushing back in, repeating the process as the TNA knockouts champion began fucking her former friend up the ass.

Sky would kind of meander around the division from then on, including leaving the company for a long time. Grabbing her former BFF by the hair Angelina forced Velvet's head downwards and pulled her along to her bedroom, practically yanking her hair out by the roots in the process. Ok, so I wanted help with Madison, someone to watch my back and I was thinking of betraying you first chance I got, but I didn't want to because I really, truly missed you Angelina.

Don't have an account? I love your dick in my ass Angelina. Big fat round tits. She was part of the Knockouts division when it was being treated importantly FAR more importantly than the Divas division at least and became one of its top stars. We remember this by cookie, that means if you clear your cookies or don't keep cookies this setting might not persist.

You with a one who suggested that we just be friends with benefits Blonde milf Velvet Skye drips her pussy juice on the couch. After all, it wasn't like there wasn't advantages to being Angelina's bitch For now Angelina was content to keep the sodomy slow and steady, not for Velvet's sake, who knows how many cocks the slut had taken up her ass since the last time they were together, but because Angelina enjoyed stretching out a bitch's ass, and like she said, tonight Velvet was her bitch.

Mature nl presents Velvet Skye 56 in Canadian housewife Velvet Skye goes interracial - 28 12 mp4. Chapter List 1-Beautiful Reunion.

In other words, nothing all that special and only somewhat better than a bunch of women on the same circuit would have accomplished in their early years. Oh how Angelina had missed it. It wasn't just that it was a hot ass, which it was, but Angelina had an air of dominance about her which Lacey never had and Madison could only ever wish she had. In the wrestling business it was so important to appear tough, even if you weren't. I have an offer for you.

Tightening her grip on the back of Velvet's head Angelina guided her former and now current lover back and forth for a while, occasionally pausing to shove her face in between her tits as if she was trying to smother the other blonde, before finally pushing Velvet away and stepping back, "You want to be my bitch again Vel-vel?

Spitting on to that little hole Angelina pressed her finger to it, rubbing her saliva around it for a little while before pushing her finger inside, at which point a smile crossed her face, "You pre-lubed! It would have been easier if Angelina simply said she wanted to 69, but Velvet got the impression that Angelina was still a little on a power trip and wanted to force her into the right position. Licking her lips at the sight presented to her Angelina slowly strapped on her harness and looked down at the bottle of lubricant she had in her bedside drawer.

She has to be stopped.

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There was more silence, and then Angelina said, "For old times sake I'm going to give you the chance to leave right now and we'll pretend like this never happened.

Butt fuck you hard right from the start. R nude girls. Mmmmmm, I've missed you butt fucking me Angelina, and I know you've missed butt fucking me.

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It had been something of an annoyance over the last year given the squabble between the original Beautiful People members but Angelina really was the best, no one using their fingers quite like the current knockouts champ to make Velvet squirm and writh in pleasure.

Erotic Blowjob In Black Velvet. Velvet sky lesbian. But who would be Dracula, though? European babe is ass fucked in threeway sex. She wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for us and now she thinks she can order me around! Madison is out of control. Part of Angelina wanted to slam the door in Velvet's face simply for saying that, but despite herself the Canadian couldn't help thinking about it and she had to admit she had nothing to lose from at least hearing Velvet out and if she didn't like what her former team-mate had to say, well And keep kissing my butt while you're doing it.

It had felt so natural to submit to her it almost felt like it didn't count, like all women should submit to Angelina no matter who they were and that was just the way it was. Mmmmmmm, we both know you wanna fuck my ass, so do it. I didn't come here to fight. Mature blond Velvet Skye squirts and fingerings ass hole. Brutal lesbian torture. Velvet cried out, a little in pain, but mostly in annoyance, "Hey! She certainly couldn't replace it. With a slow but steady amount of force that's exactly what Velvet did, Angelina moaning as her ass was slowly invaded and then fucked by that soft little tongue.

After all, it wasn't like there wasn't advantages to being Angelina's bitch As far as Velvet was concerned Angelina Love was a goddess. She proved it some more, albeit briefly, when Angelina shoved her tongue into her mouth to retrieve a little bit of that cum, the two knockouts sharing the sweet ambrosia of Velvet's orgasm juices.

Blonde milf Velvet Skye drips her pussy juice on the couch. While she had kissed everybody's ass in the BP there was just something about kissing Angelina's butt. She had always known.

I don't think so. After all the years that Sky had been in the company, she had never actually won the title. Velvet got the impression that Angelina wanted this to last a while, which was sweet, but Velvet was in no mood for slow and gentle. Velvet's enjoyment did not go unnoticed and simply proved once again that no matter how she acted Velvet will always be a bottom.

Drill my butt hard and deep like only you can.

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